Client | Ssamnet
A misty and vague touch, which is a concept of the music, is depicted with tracing paper and transparent plastic case. One single bird is flying on the cover through the milky tracing paper, and the tray is also translucent. A bar-code is
printed on the cover unusually. Simplicity is the essential point. Line drawing typographic logo was also designed to match the concept. All information was got rid of on the disk except for a tiny bird silhouette.
All lyrics were intended to be linked together like a tale and people must listen to the music in order so that they can understand the whole story. The title in the tray is flipped horizontally to be read in the right direction when the disk is detached.

UV Lithography | Tracing paper | 5×2 folded
Logo Design
Cover & Bar-code
The bar-code is printed on the tracing paper and combined with the booklet. Two elements, the bar-code and the bird, on the cover are conveying a metaphorical narrative, which is based on the fact that the musician requested us to express the anti-commercialism.
Label and Album Title – 'The Most Normal Being'
Outside Back and Logo
Translucent Inlay
Translucent Back
Translucent Effect
Booklet Cover
Translucent Booklet
5 ✕ 2 Booklet Spread – The Lyrics of each track are continuously connected stories
Band 'Sister's Barbershop 언니네이발관' – Photo from ''
Press Kit Package
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