'Is This Tomorrow' Exhibition
Bioelectomagnetism is the study of the interaction between the EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) and biological entitles. The 3D stereo image metaphorically frames the negative influence, physical and mental disorders, between a humanbody and the EMP outside. In the virtual space formed with two mirrors, the floating figures, which were scientifically detected by an EMP tester, delivers an awareness of the harmfulness of the EMP from electric gadgets in our life.
Structure for 3D Stereo Images
Way of observation
Principle of optical illusion
Main Image
The targets of EMP detectionconsist of common appliance in a kitchenand electric device in a living room and abedroom ranging from a microwave oven,a coffee machine to a mobile phone chargerand an inkjet printer, which are commonlyused in our life. Incredibly, the micro-wave oven and the inkjet printer emmitundetectable figures of EMP. It was foundout that, normally, the amount of the pulsedramatically increases when the machinesare operating. An energy saver bulb is well-known as energy-effective, but it emmitsfar more EmP than a traditional bulb suchas a halogen or tungsten bulb. A fluorescentbulb is the most harmful.
The net-like structure forming thehuman figure derives from neuron, whichis a nervous cell composing human nervoussystems.
EMF tester
The process of the structure was quite complicated. Inorder to measure the best degree of an angle, many trials wereachieved, and it was finally discovered that 60 degrees makes the universal effect to anyone: the distance of two eyes of people varies.Few people fail to see the 3D effect, but most people can reactupon the effect.
The effect is strong enough and effective to convey thedata in three dimensional space, depending upon the hierarchyof the information. The more harmful appliances are arrangedin the front of the space, the less influential objects are locatedin the back.

Post Cards
Prototype for 3D glasses
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