Shared Language
 Communication is a stream. It flows from one to another,and it is sometime blocked, congested like traffic on the road.30 words, which are essential in communication research process, metaphorically transformed into traffic signs. each sign has been selected based on the research of traffic signs not only in the UK but also other countries. The flow direction, from bot-tom to top, reminds of the metabolism of a tree: sustenance and water are pumped up to every branches and, finally, to the top of the tree.
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 Epistemology & Taxonomy
The flow represents the communication design process: some aspects derive from designer’s subjective experience. each word has a significant meanings. Particularly, some parts of the process such as ‘client’ or ‘group dynamics’ are a bit preconceptional but intriguing: we face many conflicts with people on the journey to outcomes. When each part is observed throughly, multifaceted, interesting and satirical views are discovered.
The dove on the top of the signs is a messenger which is the one of Noah in the holy Bible. It depicts a role of media and finally it will fly away into a market, with a message, the fresh olive leaf in its beak.
This visual and structural dictionary was planned to become aback light panel to associate with the medium, traffic sign. The flow structure can be seen more clearly in darkness. It looks fluorescent even in the sunshine.
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