Client | Lyu Chunwha
Monologue of fashion illustrator and textile designer, Lyu Chunwha. A textile pattern became a main motif of an outside cover. Black and gold combination is elegant and refined. Colourful stripes area chief element inside. The colour stripes are in harmony with the contents of each chapter so that they deliver vibrant and simple touches suitable for her Korean traditional style. An artist’s logo was designed and debossed with gold ink in the centre of the outside back.

220 pages | Adhesive Binding
Outside Cover
Debossed Letters
Inside Cover
Pattern 1
Title Page
Pattern 2
Contents Page
Pattern 3
Pattern 4
Art-Deco Pages
Pattern 5
Geometrical & Gaphical Pages
Pattern 6
Exotic Avant-garde Pages
Pattern 7
Oriental Pages
Pattern 8
Hair Pages
Pattern 9
Pattern 10
Appendix Pages
Production Detail
Outside Back
Debossed Logo
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