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Calligraphic logo design for TV series 'Ma-Ui' that is arranged to be aired on MBC, channel 11 in September, 2012. The calligraphy was handwritten with a traditional brush and retouched. The series is being directed by a director, Byunghoon Lee, who is one of the most influential television historical drama directors leading "Korean Waves". The title of the historical drama, Ma-Ui, means a surgeon of a horse, who was an existing figure, Kwanghyun Baek(白光玹), one of the three most famous doctors for traditional herbal medication and acupuncture in ‘Chosun Dynasty(1392-1910)’, in Korean history. The main character, who started his career as a vet and ended up becoming a royal court doctor, is well known for trying surgical operation for the first time in Korean history. Posters and application design will be released soon in August.

Chinese ink with a brush
Lettermark and Signature

The logo was developed in two types, portrait and landscape, so that it can be applied depending on a space. The finger print monogram is to be shown on the corner of the screen for the TV commercial time. The red finger print alludes the sensational exploit of the main character.

Fingerprint Monogram

Fingerprints Scan Image
Scrolls - Portrait and Landscape Type
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